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World Ijtema 2019

World Ijtema 2019 Preparation is in full swing

World Ijtema 2019 system is in full swing on the banks of the coastal region of Tongi on the outskirts of Tongi. Ijtema will run for two consecutive rounds from February 15 to Friday. For two consecutive days a year, the first two days will be the world Ijtema. The first phase will be attended by the followers of Tabligh Jamiat Bangladesh and the followers of the Imam of Maulana Zubair Ahmed, performed by Karkail Jame Mosque.

On Saturday, February 16, the first time the pilgrims leave the ground in the night after participating in the Akheri Munajat. Then the followers of Maulana Saad Ahmad Kandhalvivanti Maulana Syed Wasiful Islam will take part in the second phase of Ijtema from Fajar on Sunday 17 February.

On the night of February 18, any time before the Mohakhali prayer, the second phase will be concluded by the World Ijtema. After every phase of Ijtema, the Responsible people will explain to the administration of the Maidan’s administration.

On Friday, Ijtema Maidan Sarjamin went on to see, all the preparatory subjects surrounding Ijtema are working. People of different classes and occupations, including students of school-college and madrasa, are volunteering in the fields of voluntary work. In addition to preparing pandals, the devotees are busy working on road repair, mike trail, toilet cleanliness, weed cleaning grounds. According to the World Ijtema Organizing Committee sources, about 50 percent of the work has been completed.

Anwarul Islam (Light No. 407) of Jatrabari area of Dhaka was working for half a dozen brothers with groundwork. He said the guests of Allah will come to worship. They are doing the work in the field keeping in view the direction that they can serve them well. The devotee of Tongi Dattapara area. Mazharul Islam said, cleaning the house of foreign guests. So that foreign guests do not get any sorrow, trouble at the Ijtema ground.

When contacted, Fakir Ataur Rahman, the custodian of World Ijtema Maidan (Safari) Clean Committee, said that the World Ijtema in 2019 is going to start on 15 February. The purpose of this purpose is going on. Already about 50 percent of groundwork has been completed. However, Ijtema starts from Friday but will be started for the devotees coming from Fajr on Thursday.

When contacted, Maulana Mejbah Uddin, the top Suburban and Shura member of the World Ijtema ground, said that the time for handling of the field was very little. So, we are in the war now to complete the preparatory work. With me are Maulana Mahfuzul Islam, Maulana Hasnat and Abul Hashem. We are preparing the grounds by making four souvenirs. Hopefully, the work will be completed before 15th of December, Insha Allah

Hifazat Amir urged to enrich Ijtema: Hathazari correspondent said, the top scholars including Hefajat Amir have called for the success of the World Ijtema. Hefajat leader Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, Jamia Islamia Patia Director General Allama Abdul Halim Bukhari and Jamia Arabiya Jirir’s Director General Allama Shah Muhammad Taiba also addressed the country’s leading religious scholars in the evening.

In the statement, they requested all Muslim-Muslim students, including students and teachers of all Ulama-Mashaykh, Madrasa students and teachers of the school college-university, to come to Ijtema and demanded to collect the church in cash and cash on the streets of Allah. In last one year, Tabligh’s companions were discussing the transition of Tongi field from 1 day before the start of Ijtema. Therefore, the companions of the work must be present in that labor. The government of Bangladesh has declared the highest security measures. Security of God is the biggest security.

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