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air pollution

What to do to protect against air pollution

What to do to protect against air pollution, The amount of oxygen in the air is 21 percent. If any other density of gas or dust is increased due to its deficiency, then it is called a polluted air. Fire extinguishes the oxygen of the environment to a wider range. Black smoke in vehicles, factories pollute the air. Hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc. are harmful. Due to pollution, we do not feel comfortable breathing in this city. It often seems that the breath is stuck, it is difficult to breathe. Let’s know what makes it less reducing.

The dust that is constantly flying in the streets, raises the sensitivity of the respiratory system and develops asthma. There are more such patients in the city. To avoid dust, use a mask on the nose and face is slightly protected, but still, small particles enter the breathtaking. Those who work in dusty areas, such as road or building workers, they can use a special type of mask. Those who run the bike, they can use this special mask.

Smokers are more at risk of losses. So whether smoking is either directly or indirectly, it must be abandoned.

The chemicals of the factory can gradually destroy the normal pulmonary lungs and make them strong and grainy. It is called fibrosis or ILD. Therefore, there should be adequate security arrangements for factory workers and demand from all sides.

Decoction vehicles are increasing air pollution. It’s not just about the traffic department, I-you also needs your awareness. Serving, repairing, or smoking your own vehicles will also save your family.

Consume vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables to stay healthy from the polluted pulmonary disease. The effectiveness of Vitamin C does not last for 24 hours. So take a little bit of lemon, Tamaki, pineapple, grapefruit, Tamara, guava, chili, olive oil, tomatoes, oranges, etc. in the day.

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