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Web design or web development? Which one is better

Which one is good? Web design or web development? Which one can learn to earn more money? Which one can learn to become a big man soon?

The brother stopped now. Why do so many questions? The answer is one word?

Everything will depend on you. I did not ask why?

Before answering. The reason is that as soon as you learn it, the faster you can get it up. Oh brother, do not be mad at all. Pro will be Pro. Can I mean brother? If you do not understand then read again. If you understand, then go down. Do not write the details.

There are many people who think that there is no difference between “web design and development”. Web design and web development are two different topics. Although different, yet other issues are related to one topic. If you are skilled at any one thing, you will get the job guarantee. A web site has two parts. One is what you see or the front end is the other, what you see is coming or how it looks or what you want to see, or back-end. Web Designers basically work on front-end and work on web development back-end.

Now the question can be raised in the mind of the brother front again what? Stop the brothers clearing.
It can be understood somewhat that the front has been interpreted. If you create a website/blog site with WordPress, how your visitors can see, that is Front-End. Generally, some are seen, read or available from front-end. However, anything from the front-end of the dynamic website can be input. However, in simple terms – the way a visitor sees a website is that the front-end of that website I understand that. Then go back to the back end?

Then call back

The back-end is the complete opposite of the front-end. This means that when a developer creates/develops a website, then the back-end of what he does behind him. Keep in mind that a developer has to be very careful about the back-end. But I think, if you want to be a good developer, then you have to be clear about Front-End. Why? Because, if you are surfing a lot then seeing the front-end of a website, you will understand that the site has been created with a script. If you have been developed with WordPress, try to understand what the theme has used, what plugins are used. Which will develop your skills quickly? Understand?

So again we go back to the original discussion. Where I was, a web designer designed different types of sites. He just showed the site’s appearance. There will be no application here. It is very easy to learn web designs If you want to be able to become a web designer within just 2-3 months.
To be an online designer you’ll learn (X) hypertext mark-up language and CSS likewise as Basic jQuery, JavaScript, PHP.

That’s what I mentioned in my previous post. Different frameworks such as Bootstrap, CSS Less Framework, etc. Besides, you have to know about Photoshop’s work.
Because if you’re an online designer you need to produce web site banners, posters, and buttons of different kinds.

If you did not read the previous post, there would be a request for a reading.

Sometimes a variety of works are done on a website. Such as registering, ordering, updating new information Different server-side scripting languages are used to perform this task. If you want to create yourself as a Web Dinner, you must learn different languages, which will be easy to design and developer. Which I mentioned in the previous episode again remind me.

Web development is the application for the web site. Here you have to create various applications through coding. If you want to be a web developer then the necessity of patience, hard work and attention are essential. There is a lot of time to be a web developer.
To be an online developer you wish to understand higher concerning (X) hypertext mark-up language, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java, etc. CMS.
Also fathom server connected like ASP, .NET, AJAX, etc.

Though it seems a lot more, if you carefully work on all these issues for 2 months, then you can easily cover this app. You must have the ability to logical and analyzer in order to be a good web developer. Also, have to understand the step of working step by step. Many freelancers have a lot of work on the site.
You can additionally place your web site on completely different sites/market place available.

Hope this thing is fairly clear. is not it? If so, then I will go to web development.
You can also visit Google to learn.
Learn to read a lot, now start learning. Come today, we will see something new in the future. Do not forget to share if you like it.

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