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Trump is thinking of sending troops to Venezuela

US President Donald Trump said that the issue of military intervention in Venezuela is considered an alternative step ahead of the United States.

Trump said in an interview broadcast on Sunday on CBS. This information was given in the Reuters report on Monday.

Venezuelan President Maduro is increasingly increasing the pressure on the country and abroad to step down. In this context, Trump’s statement came in reference to the US military’s possible military intervention in Venezuela.

However, Maduro’s close ally Russia has strongly opposed the foreign state’s military intervention in Venezuela. The country warns that the consequences of military intervention are destructive.

Several countries including the United States have already recognized opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim President Huan Guido in Venezuela. On the other hand, some ally countries including Russia have taken a position for Maduro.

Venezuelan opposition demanded the resignation of Maduro At the same time, they are demanding a fresh and transparent presidential election. Maduro has rejected these claims. However, he proposed to the country’s parliament for early elections.

In his interview with the United States about the current political crisis in Venezuela, Trump said in an interview that military intervention must be an alternative.

Trump said, a couple of months ago Maduro requested a meeting. But he rejected it. In this context, there is no opportunity for his position, discussion, and discussion.

Russia has said that instead of destructive interference beyond the border, the international community should aim to help Venezuela.

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