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The questions and answers of SEO or search engine optimization

Today’s discussion begins with a salutation and salutation everybody. The topic of the discussion is “SEO”, is search engine optimization. Listen to something before I get into the main discussion. Read the whole tune before it and then the question will be to release the tumor right? If you do not understand then I will explain Insha Allah. If you start then.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

We are all familiar with the search engine. For example, Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. are search engines. Google is among the most popular search engines. Here you will find that the site is the best informative according to which you search for a topic. Where you visit you will find the information you want. This is how SEO will bring you the way your site is brought to Google. This means that Google or any search engine will do the same thing as the first page on your site, SEO or search engine optimization.

Some popular search engine names list!

How do search engines work?

The search engine works through its own software. The name of the software is Crowler.

The search engine sends its automatic crawler to various web sites or blogs,
Crawler collects necessary data from online web sites or blogs, storing their own data or depositing them in the data center.

What is Search Engine Result Pages or SERP?

Search Engine Result Pages or SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is when a user searches on any search engine, the search engine gives its web data to its user data related to its database or displays the results. SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or Search Engine Result Pages.

Types of SEO!

01. Organic SEO or Free SEO
(This is a free method, for which the search engine does not have to pay any money)

02. Paid SEO and
(Search engines have to search the search engines with money
Search engines will remain in search of your web site or blog)

SEO and type two according to the search engine rules

White Hat SEO (the valid system which is the rules and conditions of search engine work)
Black Hat SEO (illegal method)

White Hat SEO

If the following items are included in SE’s functions, then it may be called White Hat SEO.

  1. Which complies with Google’s instructions.
  2. There is no cheating technique to adopt.
  3.  It ensures that the content of the Google search will display, the contents of the website will be exactly the same.
  4.  This will ensure that the contents of the website are made primarily for users, not just for Google’s search engine but for the good position.
  5.  Which ensures good webpage well.
  6.  Which guarantees good quality content on the webpage.

A web developer should follow the path of White Hat SEO. Because it is comparatively difficult but helps to improve the website in the future.

Black Hat SEO
If a search engine optimizer adopts the following paths for the overall development of its webpage, that method can be called Black Hat SEO,

  1. By working on increasing the rank of the website by ignoring Google’s guidelines.
  2. If the user is trying to bring his website from another website to his website, whose value is of equal or lower quality of the previous website.
  3. Repeat the meta tag in the keyword.
  4. Determining content without matching website address.
  5. Using HTML code to hide any web page content.

Above all, you should follow White Hat SEO and strategies for your website’s development. Whatever you do not follow in the development of the webpage, Google will certainly know it and take it accordingly.

SEO and how many methods can be done?

The method of SEO is basically two

On Page SEO: The web site has to work on logging into the admin panel.
Off Page SEO: Do not log in to the admin panel and work from the outside web site.

On Page SEO

Sort the text so that search engines can easily understand what you write about. If you do not optimize on-page optimization, you will not get results. It can be seen that the Kakar’s column has been ranked above and the rank is at the score. In simple words, the article will be sorted so that the search engine easily understands the topic of your writing and is able to rank the text accordingly.

Off-Page SEO

By hearing the name of off-page, you can understand that there are so many Jarjouri that all of them are outside their pages, on the other’s website. How to rank your body by breaking the towel on the next head will be discussed in another day. Read your own head today and discuss it with your jackfruit.

Proper on-page optimization does not have an option to rank for the correct keyword. People will read your writing when you are writing something that he is looking for. Search engine algorithm has been built in such a long time so that it can understand what writing is about and how it should be ranked. For the article to be sorted by the search engine friendly, there are some best practices with step-by-step ideas.

Some wards are used to make SEO!

  • Keyword
  • URL
  • Link
  • Visitor
  • Page Rank
  • Meta Tag
  • Back Link

What is the need to learn SEE or learn how to study?

1. A laptop/computer with rough configurations.

2. Internet Connection

3. Simple concepts and web browsing on the internet.

4. Learning mentality/interest

5. The above-mentioned topics and rough English ideas, so that you can
Understand what the web site or client is telling you.

Why learn SEO or search engine optimization?

Online selling is a crucial part of computer program optimization. That helps bring visitors to the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) When people search in a search engine by a keyword, and if your site is in the rank, then see what your position is: >> Who is google? >>

And if it is your site then you can understand how it is? Because you think of one thing from yourself, if you search for a topic, then you click on any sites in search results sites? First state or the next ball? In this way, all types of subjects are the same.

And people need to find out program improvement owing to this. If you know the search engine optimization, the free visitor from the search engine can be brought to the same amount, so Google can save thousands of dollars per month. It’s a little clearer like when you search Google by entering a subject, you will see that the first few paid ed shows. Google has to pay to show this site first in search of this keyword.

For one issue, it is said that you have to learn the search engine optimization to earn without any investment.

Maybe you think my site has not been pressed. Just think of her payment as it is, Google has to pay $ 1 per click on her site to keep her site topped by Google. And in this case, you get full free

Paid ads do not like all the other things in mind. If you think about yourself if you visit any site, if you see an ad, you can click on the ad or skip it. E do not click on the site of everyone. And search engines rank according to the site’s next site.

So the demand for SEO will never be reduced. They will continue to grow.

On the one hand, you can get outsourced through SEO. There are many things waiting for you Again, if you think outsourcing, you can develop your own business yourself.

And the biggest issue is that if you learn program improvement, you can enjoy any kind of opportunities for online income in the world. Making a product is a lot of trouble in getting a product market. And when you get involved in that hard work, you will be able to make yourself self-reliant in the online income world.

And now, enamors business, all types of business development are being done with the help of technology. And everything you can do is possible by SEO.

What else will help you find search engine optimization?

1. In order to increase your site visitor.

2. ROI (ROI = Return on Investment) or get your investment back

3. Save additional investment.

4. Promote your company or brand on very little investment.

Where to learn SEO?

There are several ways to learn SEO. I shared something.

1. Training Center

2. Read online blogs or get help from Google.

3. Watch video tutorials.

You can learn SEO by following these methods. Now you can wake up the question that which of these 3 ways would be better for me? The first two ways will be better for you. Now the question is, why not number three will be better?

Answer: If you learn to work in the video tutorials then your interest in learning will be limited to that video tutorial. To find out, you will find video tutorials, rely on video tutorials. Do not use Google to find out if you are looking for a video using YouTube. Because of which your knowledge will be limited to video. Because of which I do not support the video.

Read the rest of 2 training centers and online blogs. If you want to learn SEO from training centers, you will also be able to get training from the best quality SEO and experts. If you do not find any such training center then choose online. Now suppose you finish the SE from a training center. And after finishing the training, if you think that you have become an SEO expert then you have done a great mistake.

Nowadays training centers are taught basically the basics, and very few organizations are there who show live projects during training. But you can not be an expert at this. After finishing your personal site and doing an active surveillance service in the live project, I hope you can learn SEO as you work. But experts can not say that. Because it can be updated at that time, so you have to be on top of learning.

What you need to do:

  • Besides the live projects that will be shown during the training period, the person will have to be the last project.
  • At the training institute, at least three months after training, you will have to come forward with a live project.
  • Such companies will be admitted to the training engineer whose SEO works. The organization that gives you an opportunity to work with them or work in their project after training.
  • Those organizations who are interested in learning from the money must be chosen.
  • Look at the modules where you will be admitted. Then show the module to those experts who have them, if they try to admit you to admission then you will be admitted.
  • If you can make the best use of Google, then nobody will be able to prevent you from being an expert.
  • There are many people who can do many advanced things but small tasks cannot do it but he did not remember the work that he had learned. And because of not being able to learn advanced things, he has forgotten a lot of basic things that you do not have to do in your case so that you have to practice every day that you have learned and practice advanced work.

What do you need to learn to learn SEO?

  • Basic concepts of a website promotion
  • Keywords
  • Back Links
  • Anchor Text
  • Page Rank
  • Website Age
  • Understanding Authority
  • Ranking Factors
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Keyword Tools
  • Finalization of Keywords
  • Domain Selection & SEO Friendly Website Structure
  • Single Page Optimize
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml
  • Important on-site factors
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics
  • Link Strategy & Monitoring
  • Reporting, Portfolio building & Auditing

What are some advantages or aspects of SEO?

How much time do you have to work depending on your client’s job? But for 2 hours, there is a fair amount of results. However, the time may take more than 4-6 hours or more depending on the field.

How much income can be earned in the month of SEO?

In this case, depending on the quality of your work, you can earn a monthly income. For the work of many SEO and Freelancers in the foreign country, monthly works for $ 750-3000. However, in our country, the money is a little less compared to the work but if the work is increased income will not decrease the book. So you can understand how much of its income source

Did you miss anything? If left out, then definitely I will tune the next part in the future. Hopefully, there is no problem with SEO. Is there? Let’s start with the article on how to write good quality. Keep learning, the mind will be good.

If you do not share, you’ll be scared. You did not learn if others did not learn or if you did not have any profit. So help yourself to help others know. Then everyone will be good as it is today. God Hafiz

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