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The hajj pilgrims have reduced the rate of 10 thousand rupees

Hajjar reduced fare by ten thousand rupees since 2019. Until 2018, the government-owned hajj pilgrimage rate was Tk 1,38,191. This year it has been reduced to one lakh 28 thousand 191 rupees. Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Mahbub Ali announced the reduction of the hijackers’ strike on 17-01-2019 at the Secretariat. Earlier, a meeting of the Hajj inter-ministerial meeting was held with the ministry of civil aviation and tourism ministry. Later, the state minister told the media that considering the hajj pilgrims, the air travel reduced by 10 thousand rupees.

State Minister Mahbub Ali said that the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism will extend all-out support to the Ministry of Religious Affairs for conducting Hajj more efficiently through proper management this year. Attendees are guests of Allah’s house. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has always been careful and counseled about them not to suffer any kind of pain.

Secretary of the State Minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Secretary General Secretary of Civil Aviation and Tourism Mohibul Haque, Haj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (Hab) President Abdus Sobhan, Secretary General M Shahadat Hossain Taslim, and others were also present.

State Minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah said the Hajj management will be made the best in the joint efforts of all. From the departure of Bangladesh from Hajj to the Hajj pilgrimage, proper management will be ensured until the return of Hajj.

In 2018 seven thousand 1981 government and 100,000 Bangladeshi workers in the private management performed Hajj. Of this, 50 percent of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudi Airlines carry the remaining 50 percent passengers.

37 Arrangement Against Hajj Agency.

In the management of the Hajj program in 2011, after the investigation of allegations of irregularities in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, the final decision was taken against 37 Hajj agencies.

The Ministry has ordered to file a criminal case against certain persons, including the suspension of the Hajj license, the suspension of the Haj licenses, the financing of minimum one lakh to 15 lakh rupees, the refund of the tickets of the pilgrims, and the specific person from all kinds of activities. Besides, the Ministry of Justice has taken disciplinary action against 35 Hajj agencies. Of these, 17 agencies canceled Hajj license and six agency licenses were suspended for different periods. These 23 agencies were also fined fines. And 12 agencies were fined only. Legal measures will be taken against the agencies if they are not fined, said the ministry.

A separate notification has been issued on 16 January from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

It has been mentioned in the Ministry of Religious Affairs that the action has been taken after investigating the allegations raised in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia for Haj irregularity in 2017. State Minister Sheikh Md. Abdullah said to Kaler Kantho, “Hajira is the guest of Allah. Anyone who irregularly irritates those guests of Allah, in any way, the concession

Will not be given. The harsh message is being given by taking action against those who have done irregularities before. ‘

Opportunity for communication in the Ministry of religion

State Minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah has taken several initiatives recently for the open communication of the public. In addition to preparing the copy of the Islamic Foundation’s book-writing screen, the work of digitalization of various activities in the Ministry is going on fast. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and phone numbers are open for the latest information about the Ministry of Religion and for any service and advice.

Facebook and Twitter addresses are: Alhaj Advocate Sheik Mohammad Abdullah

E-mail:, Phone: 9514122

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