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The correct method of divorce

The correct method of divorce in the light of Islam

The correct method of divorce, If a wife does not own the rights of her husband; Rather, if he is used to living a raging life, then the husband’s duty is to make every effort to correct him.

Before divorcing, a few steps have been mentioned in Islam. Husband will follow them. Even if there is no change in the wife, then the final decision can be taken for the purpose of divorce.

First step:

Do not be excited to see the disobedience of the wife; Rather try to keep yourself calm and try to understand him in sweet words. Will try to dissolve his mind by expressing love towards his wife. If the wife is wrong, she will try to remove it as far as possible. Husbands will look after forgiveness by keeping themselves restrained. With the help of concessions and delusion, it will endeavor to sustain the bridal life as long as possible.

Second step:

If the person does not work through such a move, the husband will refrain from having a nightmare with his wife in order to express anger and anger in the use of the wife. The wife will separate the place of sleeping.

If the wife becomes alert and corrects itself, then the married life will be happy. Allaah says, ‘Give advice to those who fear women in their disobedience. Then leave their beds. Then beat them slightly. (Ie, beating lightly in such a way that there will be no injury or injury to the body, and will never be beaten in the face and shame. (Sura Nisa, verse 34)

Third step:

If there is no work done even after taking the two steps mentioned, Islam’s instruction as a third step is to try to solve the problems between husband and wife through one or more arbitrations on both sides. Karim Irshad is saying, ‘If you fear the creation of a conflict between a husband and wife, then you will send an arbitrator from the family of men and an arbitrator from the family of women for a settlement. If both of them want to settle, then Allah will unite between them. Indeed, Allah is All-Knower, All-Knower. ‘(Sura: Nisa, verse: 35)

If the situation reaches a fierce state that all attempts to resolve, fail, Islamic Shariah has the right to divorce the husband. However, unlawful and hated acts of divorce in the eyes of Islam. The hadith is in Sharif, ‘The most hated act of Allah is the most hated act of divorce; ‘(Abu Da’ud: Hadith: 2178)

Even if there is no other way than to divorce, then a divorce will be followed by Islamic Shariah. There are many benefits to follow this procedure.

The best way to divorce

One. The guidance of Quran-Hadith and the way of Sahaba-Tabein proves that the best method of divorce is that when a woman is purified from the menstruation, the husband will divorce her with obvious words without having sexual intercourse with her. In the case of menstruation, it is forbidden for divorce, so that the divorce does not occur due to such a bad time; Rather, understanding of a good time – divorce occurs. (Hujjatullah Balega: 2/139)

Two. Husband will give a pronounced divorce on a clear word. Then if the husband returns to the wife while waiting for her waiting, then it is better. Again, the relationship between husband and wife will be established. No need to get married again. And if the husband does not take his wife back during the waiting period, then the marriage will be disconnected after the waiting period (three separate or three months) ends. A wife will be completely separated from her husband. In most cases, it is seen that both of them are repentant after divorce and try hard to reinstate marital relations. If one divorce is given according to the instructions of Islam, then there is a chance to meet this hope and they can start their marital life again. But if the husband gives three divorces together, the wife does not have the opportunity to take her back during the waiting period. Even after the waiting period, there is no longer a time to get married in a new marriage. They become totally unlawful for one another. In spite of being repentant and interested in compromise, it does not help.

Three. If they want that no other day they will return to each other, then in spite of this, Islam has forbidden to divorce three divorces together. So after the menstruation, during the holiness, one divorces three divorces. Thus, through three divorces they will be completely separated. If there is a divorce in this method, then there is a chance to think about the normal post-divorce situation. The final decision can be taken steadily. Do not have to face any unexpected problem quickly. On the contrary, these vacancies do not have three divorces together and it does not bring any benefit. Rather, both husband and wife continue to panic in pain. Life becomes miserable for them.

Four. The right to divorce in Islam has been given to the husband only, it has not been given to the wife. Because the tendency of women in general to rush is usually more. So, giving them the power of divorce, there is a greater chance of divorce in a hurry. Therefore, Islam did not give women the right to divorce women in divorce due to divorce.

Five. However, it has not been said to keep women completely detained in Islam; Rather, they will also be able to divorce in the appropriate rules. They have been given specific powers for this. Namely, Before marriage, the wife can give the condition that she should give me the right to divorce, and if the husband gives her rights, then she will be able to exercise her right.

B. Even if you do not give the condition at the time of marriage, then your spouse will get divorced from her husband for money.

C. And if he does not do that, then if the husband is a eunuch, then he can take his own divorce with the judicial judge if he becomes mad, if he is unnatural, angry or disappears, or in any difficult situation.

Writer:  Muhaddis and Fatwa researchers.

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