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The addiction of the smartphone

The addiction of the smartphone is depriving the children of the tasks

A big challenge for fogeys at this time is to get rid of kids’ smartphone addiction. Children are wasted half of the day on the smartphone But this time is a wonderful time for their lives. Being deprived because of smartphone addiction is a beautiful childhood.

However, to eliminate the dangers of kids’ smartphone, their parents can play the most role. A survey of how the role of Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization, says:

Parental role – 89%
Children’s Own Role – 5%
Smartphone company – 2%
App company – 1%
Other – 3%

If you are not careful even after seeing such a survey, then know whether this smartphone addiction deprives him of what he or she is doing as well as writing or health.

Smartphone addiction deprives kids

1. Read the book

Look at your kids, they are giving more time to the smartphones than the books. The best way to encourage children’s education is to create a love for the book. But the smartness addict your child has wasted most of the time behind the smartphone screen. And in this way, if your child is paying more time on the smartphone screen rather than the book, it will cause great damage to education in his future. You sit down with them to read interesting and interesting books, read a book, and pick a book with their favorite books. Encourage your child to read lazy time, read those books at those times.

2. Spend time with parents and brothers and sisters

It is very normal for children to spend time with the family. But smartphone addiction destroys this normal process. The role of the family in a child’s development is very high. From the family, a child learns primary education, ethics, and morality. But the smartphone is ruining this time. Many times it is seen that children are covered with smartphones on the food table. And not to spend time with the brother and sister due to the addition of this smartphone. This means that he is deprived of his family love.

3. Socialization with friends and relatives

At present many children are connected with friends through smartphones, social media or video games. Their voice is transmitted in a voice or text message. However, thanks to technology, thanks. But it is a terrible thing that they are deprived of socialization or basic formalities of society. They are growing up with disorderly and unconvincing life. It’s a big threat to society, as well as for your child.

4. Outside the game

The natural environment, fresh air, and exercise from the smartphone screen are very useful for children’s health. Another advantage of this is that it improves the mentality of the children and removes the addiction of the smartphone.

But because of the addition of smartphones, kids of the current time are more comfortable playing games on a smartphone. As a result, they are getting lazy over time. Apart from being deprived of a beautiful natural environment So, let’s know your 4 ways to keep your child from playing games and try using those other things to make them creative.

5. Creativity or diminishing power of imagination

Video games, videos on YouTube, fun apps, etc., in various ways the current kids are entertaining. Although these are beneficial for the temporary period, its effect is quite fraught for long periods. The smartphone is ruining kids’ creative thinking time The time they spend on the smartphone behind the smartphone.

Last word

There are many benefits of smartphones or related devices in our lives. At such moments, we can video chat with parents or relatives living hundreds of miles away. But children still have to limit the use of the device, if necessary, should be banned.

If Bill Gates can restrict the use of his children’s smartphone, Steve Jobs can ban his children’s smartphone until 18 years. Then why can not you? If you express love to the child before discussing the problem, it will help in attracting the child’s attention. If you wish that her happiness and good wishes, it will mean to him. Their internet usage cannot be stopped immediately. It will be said, you can use the internet for a specific time, But how much time is spent and how he is using the internet – it is necessary to know. If you keep an eye on this, then hopefully you get rid of this problem.

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