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Take a father's best advice on the child
asian father and elementary-age son sitting on grass outdoors having a serious conversation.

Take a father’s best advice on the child

The best advice a father gave to the child.

1) Never look down on anyone, otherwise, you will be small.

2) Do not toss shoes to sew, but rather remove the shoe manually. If you want to buy shoes, then take a shoe on your own and look fit.

3) Do not ever say Kamala, Job, People, Buya. Remember, none of them are brothers, sisters, parents. Call them their brother.

4) Improve your life by studying but do not try to rise above your neck.

5) Help Kao and do not go back, she can get ashamed.

6) Always try to … Remember that the hand of the hand is always on top.

7) Do not do anything for which you and your family have a finger.

8) Become a boy, do not skip duty.

9) Do you have what you have written on your face, but you are in use.

10) When you hear the mother and your wife, do not try to judge her mother. Can not throw it.

11) When you walk on the road, see if anyone has fallen.

12) Even if someone is invited to eat invitation, he will eat a little rice at home. So there is no waiting for anyone’s house to eat rice.

13) Do not criticize the food of someone’s house, nor does anyone try to disagree with food.

14) Your chair is not allocated among the elders, there are small children.

15) Do not grow up, try to be human. That’s a big hobby.

16) Give your father-in-law or mother-in-law so much that she is attracted to sending her daughter to your house.

17) Do not ride a bike anymore, so your sister-in-law cannot rise so that the person who lives beside the road can increase.

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