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Round eyes

Round eyes are always protected due to positional position.

Round eyes square measure continually protected because of things. What is seen from outside is covered with eyelids? Besides, Isles and Ivruh protect the eyes from dust and dirt. Tears are usually kept dry by washing and destroying dust and bacteria.

You can do more to keep eyes better –

Proper use of light
Eyes can take any light in a little while. But in order to keep the eyes healthy, it should not be done in low light or intense light and other activities. It is better to not light the sunlight during the day. Night tube light lamps are comfortable for eyes. During the study of light in the table lamp, keeping the lamp in front of the wall is better to be reflected in the light.

Watch Tv

When watching TV, the TV should be seen by lighting a tub light or shade-linked 40 or 60-watt bulb on the rear wall of the TV. It is not fair to watch TV in a dark room. The door or window of the day is reflected in the TV screen, it is good to keep them closed. Generally, the TV should be seen from 10 feet away. But TV should not be seen from less than six feet away. There are different distances to watch for different sizes of TVs. It is better to not show a glimpse of shivering, shivering shadows, and shadowy pictures. To watch the TV with color, brightness and contrast on the color TVs will be fine. The TV should not be seen for a long time, sometimes with a break of view, the TV is good for the eyes.

Use of decoration

Harmful to the eyes of cosmetics. If you use excess cosmetics in your eyes, it is more likely to cause allergic conjunctivitis, blepharitis, stay and other diseases.
If you have dandruff, you will have to keep the head dry-free using dandruff shampoo twice a week. Otherwise, blisters may appear in the eye due to the presence of a headache.

Dust-dirty and polluted environment

Everyday work should be washed thoroughly with cold and clean water.
Ultraviolet ray eye enemies of sunlight So it is better to stay away from sunlight. Sunglasses should be worn when sunlight. Those who wear glasses, it will be comfortable to use photochromatic lenses. It is important to use black glasses for conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, Iriatitis patients and cataract surgery.
Before you go to bed every day to keep your eyes healthy, it is better to wash and wash the eyes with cold and clean water.

Eye care during various diseases

Special care is needed for children with measles, jerking, hooping, diarrhea, etc. If these diseases are not properly treated, there is a danger of loss of eyes.
If diabetes and high blood pressure patients do not receive treatment at the right time, there is the possibility of permanent damage to the eyes. Diabetes can be diarrhea retinopathy if diabetes is uncontrolled for a long time. It is possible to keep eyes healthy if you can control diabetes or blood pressure with these diseases regularly and accurately.

Glasses use

Those who need glasses should wear eyeglasses by looking at the doctor’s suggestion.
Naturally, it is difficult to study from around the age of 40 years and to see things nearby. At this time many people use their own redeemed eyeglasses, which are harmful to the eyes. Of course, the eye specialist will be able to examine the eyes and take the necessary glasses. Some people think that if you use glasses, you will have to wear glasses all day long. So do not use glasses. If you use eyeglasses at the time, eyes are good or study, or you are under pressure to see things nearby. These stresses continue to damage the eyes. The glasses should always be kept clean. The opaque and flat lens should not be used.

Suddenly, something in your eyes

Basically, there are a variety of small game balls from dust, insects, small pieces of pistachios, or small pieces of play that can suddenly be seen. Due to these, barking, at first sight, continuous water with eyes, irritation of eyes, eyes closed, eyes become red and eyes become red. If it is not taken out quickly, then it can cause eye damage to the dirty coherence, it is not unusual to have eyes blinded at one stage of the loss. If such a feeling is felt, then everyone, especially children, often have eyes or wrists, that can not be done at all. If there is something easy to see, then you should try to bring cottage or cotton or a little spike to help others out.

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