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Learn web design

Learn Web Design, Build Careers, Part 2

Learn Web Design, Build Careers

I understood what I knew in the last episode. A lot of you got a lot. So today again I am going to write the second episode. One thing that frustrated me is that “Everyone wants to get ready before learning!”

Brother, you do not know how it works. What will happen if you use it? Which design is a good one? Doing the site will speed up. And what to do down. You need to know in advance that you will have to win yourself at that stage so that the client can not ask you to lose. Did you mean what I mean?

Suppose, the client told you with a demo site, I have to create such a site. You gave him a different way! What happens? The client will not work, but both you and your client’s time and labor will be in vain and negative thoughts will be created in mind.

However, many bakers have come to work now.
You have everything on the internet Why are you sitting and sitting down while faking Facebook?
Do you want to be sitting in the pulse to read Facebook and watch the other, jealousy? Ok, not brother So take time to lunge and take it down. Then you do not have to catch.

Need to know about web development’s future and freelancing career.

Say again For web design, you need to learn HTML, CSS, and rough JavaScript (especially any framework such as Zakówie). Photoshop should have a fair idea. As much as what it takes to make XHTML from PSD. Web development is the first door to enter the programming world, web design.

If not a good designer, you can not be a good programmer. If you do not have a carrier in programming, the web design needs less. Do not you understand? Now lungee dance But be careful though. The trouble is when the lungi opens.

Remember, these are easy to learn, if you take the time just like it, it can take 6-8 months to learn if you work 4/5 hours a day. I thought it was again? There is a profit if you think. Depending on your merit, it may take longer than usual.

There are lots of tutorials available online to learn from there.
Make sure that the browser compatibility, as well as the pages you design, look like in all browsers. Especially in Internet Explorer.

Currently the era of responsive design. That’s why you will be able to design responsive. Especially the framework used for this should be well known. Like Twitter Bootstrap. The pages you designed on any device, including mobile, look similar, do not cross the horizontally. Useful tools such as changing the browser mode in different IDE, IE tester, IE, firebug, etc.

Now you know what to do in web development or programming:

You have to learn to program. That’s the main thing in development. Basically web programming such as ASP.NET, PHP, Java or any other language. But PHP’s work is currently the highest. With the learning of programming in web development, there are lots of things to be learned. It will not be too high. Do not be bothered. Because you will be judged by your skill. So if Zadoo learns some way, it will not be useful.

The things that you need to learn well are:

1. Learn one of the programming languages, I will be suggesting to learn PHP.

2. You can learn about Database Design. With the help of MySQL, there will be at least one middle-level relational database. If you do not get the help of the brother, you will learn someone you will not learn by hand.
3. You have to learn a very good query. You have to do a complex query with SQL. The practice is possible. Pratik Practice only then you can If not, then what is the problem of fungal Mamu?

4. Facebook / Google / Twitter / Amazon should be known to use Web site / API for famous sites (XML). Little say, many people do not know the full form of the API. The full kind of the API is “Application Programming Interface”

5. I think there is a clear sense of hosting. Especially, there should be ideas about server management.

6. It is necessary to know how to use multiple controls such as git, tortoise svn, and so many developers can work in the same project.

7. Know more about Ajax, Zekoire and various related development tools. For example, netbooks (Code IDE), HeidiSQL, MySQL WorkBench (Database Design Tool) will be known. The main thing is that you must be professional in any way. Then you do not have to look back.

The main point is that there will be an expert in web design work. This means that HTML, CSS, and Jquery will have to be blown out of work. To be a good programmer, you have to be a good designer (rather than a super-expert).

If you do not want to do the job before you get the skills then go to freelancing. Without knowing the work, you want to make money in any face? Know something or you can not offer anything with a thin slim idea or open market disappointment in any marketplace. That’s why I repeatedly take myself to that size. Where there is no sign of frustration.

Give you some books and links to learn so that you do not waste your time.

  • Mastering Web Development 1st Volume (CD) (Paperback)
  • Mastering Web Development (Second Part With CD) (Paperback)
  • Simple text of HTML (project-based) (paperback)
  • HTML 5: Easy Lessons (Including CDs) (Paperback)

You can additionally visit Google to be told internet style.

Hopefully, books will work very well. If you like it, then you can share.
Come on like today. See you in the future Stay good. Allah is Hafiz.

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