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Learn web design

Learn web design, build careers 2019

Remember, you would like to be told the internet style and to freelance and earn. The good thing about him So what to do or what to learn, they need to know for web design, is not it?

Do not know then

What is my profit with web design?

Make a website for him to give you a 5000 pound. Working 5-6 hours you will get 5000 rupees. What is your profit in this? 😛 Actually, you can create a website for your clients. You have to design a web for the cost of various fees. It’s your income. And there is nothing to gain here. You can earn a good income, be self-reliant. Do not trust anyone. That’s your profit. Did not understand that?

What do you need to know?

HTML: This is a markup language, not a programming language, learning is very easy.
I did not understand the markup? Let’s clear.
Think you have a blog site, you post it. You have to be careful about some things to post. These are titles, headings, paragraphs, tables, etc.

CSS: This is also a markup language. This is the perfect “Cascading Style Sheets”.
Do not you understand? Let’s clear the set. Suppose you want to give an element of styling or an element of the HTML document. Hold a paragraph (<p> </ p>) or heading (<h1> </ h1>) or any element, want to make the font smaller, move the position from one direction to the other, change the background color. There square measure many vogue changes created by CSS. Especially CSS is that the most vital for creating layouts.

Photoshop: The main thing to learn here is to create an HTML template (PSD to HTML) from PSD and create banners, buttons, animations.
It’s roughly everyone knows. So I did not say anything more.

You can learn to create animations with Flash as an additional. If you can learn the case. Could not do.

Now the question is how to learn web design?
Where to go and learn web design?

I’m going to learn where to go. I can not teach But I can show the road. Hope you can get it on the road.
You can learn web designs from various web site tutorials. There are many sites in Bengali English. Learning these web designs is very easy to learn, can be learned in a few months. If you can learn well, there are thousands of jobs available on web design and freelancing. I do not think so long ago? Stay there in front of the same.

Let’s know what is web development?

Web development is the application for the website. There are more than one such applications that mention the applications above, the web developer must create these applications. If you are freelancing then you may need to create an application according to the demand of the client, which does not exist in the world. This issue is more challenging and dynamic. Meaning you have to design the application. So, Internet development may be additional specific to internet development. It seems difficult, it is a tough brother? There is no problem. Fear of fear Stay lag Well, I’m going after this.

Know the things to learn web development!

Eg HTML, CSS, Client Side Programming Language
JavaScript: It is called browser scripting and means that the code written with this language will only work on any browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google). JavaScript frameworks can be used quickly. Do not worry, I would say an easy process to learn.
Server-side programming languages ​​such as

PHP: This is called Server Side Scripting because the code written with this language is only executed on the server. I will clear the head cool.

Databases: a way to connect databases with PHP, creating databases with SQL means that you should know databases design because now there are databases of any dynamic site or you can say databases.
Any PHP framework such as

Codeigniter: (There will also be a learner like CakePHP, Zend Framework, Simfoni, Yii, Kohana, etc.): You can create web applications in addition to any framework, but it will take longer and more code to be written. Thought again? If you get something to understand?
The last thing that takes is the XML API, the need for XML data storing, and so on.

Now how to learn web development?

There square measure several sites in Bengali English that you just will learn from these tutorials. Besides, Wrox or Apress publication has many good books to help them. One of the foremost effective techniques for learning internet development is “Sit down and build a project” is also a forum, blog, user management system or any such project. raw with PHP. Then go to CMS or framework development.
It will take a lot of time to learn web development, it will be difficult to learn and be very patient. In the case of freelancing or freelancing the web developer’s demand is skyrocketing.

In the end, let’s talk one thing, the wise people think in detail. So I think that many of your knowledge counts. So, in spite of hardship, learn these, it will be very useful. Think from now on Where to see your situation in the future? Then do not waste time sitting and sitting.

You can additionally visit Google to find out internet style.

So stay here like today? In the future, Insha Allah will be present with some other good things. Stay good.

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