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It is important to follow the rules of pregnant mother during the day

In Ramadan, there’s a desire to abide by the physical rules of the pregnant mother. It is difficult to fast during this period. But everything depends on the condition of the mother. For fasting, it should be ensured that there is no harm to the health of the mother and the baby.

About Gynecologists and Surgeons of Dhaka Medical College Fazle Noor-e-Tawhida said because the pregnant women need additional nutrients, then the food must be selected for more calories. If needed, the mother needs to consult a nutritionist. Three months later, the lack of vomiting usually decreases. At this time pregnant mothers can keep fasting.

Let us know that it is important to follow the rules for fasting during pregnancy.

1. Avoid eating oily and fried food in Sehore. Drink lots of water, shredded fruit, and juice. Avoid tea and coffee.

2. Eat dates. There are many calories and food grains available in date palm. Besides, fruits of mango, jackfruit, watermelon, melon, banana, dab, coconut, etc. will eat enough.

3. Avoid foods that cause chest and gastric problems.

4. Due to not drinking water all day, there may be slight irritation in the urine. After the iftar, it will need to be filled with frequent drinking water.

5. Avoid constipation. It is possible to avoid eating vegetables, water, fruits in the right quantities. 6. However, if there is more difficulty, the syrup may be eaten by the doctor’s advice. Causes of pregnancy skin problems may be due to the weather.

7. Everyday bathing can solve the problem of the skin. Do not neglect the symptoms of mild fever, cough, and any other discomfort. It is very necessary for the mothers to adopt caution in every situation, whether Ramadan or not. Because they have a warning, their children will be healthy. That’s why every mother should walk carefully

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