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Huawei is bringing the folded 5G network supported smartphones

Chinese technology companies will announce the next generation of smartphones, as well as the display of 5G network, supported smartphones. Huawei’s new smartphone will not have any equipment made by Western companies.

Huawei is going towards new innovations in terms of the trade war between the United States and China. Western countries think the Huawei product is a security risk due to Washington’s warning.

Huawei has been working with advanced chip technology for a while. In this case, they are making huge investments. Currently, the US dominates in the chip sector. If Huawei started creating smartphones using their own chips, the dependence on Western companies would be reduced and their annual cost would be reduced.

The fifth-generation network-supported first folding or folding phone is available at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Huawei. Richard Yoo, chief executive officer of the company, recently provided the information. The newest smartphone uses the Kirin 980 chipset and belongs to the 5000 model.

Despite the US warning last year, Huawei’s smartphone sales increased 50 percent, Yue claimed.

“Our sturdy progress continues in complicated political things.”

Huawei now depends on the US chip maker Intel. Currently created its own powerful chip for smartphones and servers. However, Huawei uses its own chipset only on its own product.

Market researchers say Huawei has touched almost all of the American chip makers Qualcomm’s products, but they have almost touched them.

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