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best Laptop for graphics design

How to choose the best Laptop for graphics design 2019

More people in Inbox have posted this type of message or, How do PCs or laptops need to learn to develop web pages? the best Laptop for graphics design, What a laptop or portable computer is required to style a brother’s graphics?

Many have made such a question So I went to post details. Hopefully, I will not be able to do anything, but I do not have anything to do. Let’s start anyway.

What is the best computer configuration for graphic design? Laptop or buy a desktop? How much expensive computer to graphic design? What kind of computer would be better for graphic design? With which all the graphics can be done. How much better budget? Which brand of laptop would be better if it was low price inside? Would the desktop be good or laptop? What better configuration or specification?
These are some of the common questions that are currently being freelancing or wanting to learn graphics designs.

Those who are learning graphic designs, or trying to work after learning, they are in a dilemma that what kind of computer work is better, those who do not have computers, who buy computers, can not even understand, what kind of computer is better if it is bought. Proofonical graphic design can be done by buying a price computer. Many people want to upgrade old computers. Hopefully, this article will benefit them.

Below is a concept of the quality and value of different parts of the computer, suitable for graphic design work:


Many companies have motherboards, but the motherboard of Gigabit is relatively good. Gbaby has 2500 to 50000 motherboards. Since you do 2D graphics, you will usually get a good quality motherboard between 7000 and 15000. And if you work with 3D graphics animation then you can take a more expensive motherboard. If you use Intel’s processor, the motherboard will use Intel’s Mother Board.


Processors for graphics work and good quality. Generally, people use Intel or AMD processors in Bangladesh. Better Intel, you can buy Intel Core i5 / Intel Core i7 processor. Buy Processor Generation & GHz for buying a processor. When buying a PC, buy Generation or its near Generation processor. As such, currently, 7th Generation processors are available.

Processors are very important for graphic design. The processor manages most of the computer’s work. If your computer’s processor is low, then when you want to open any files or programs together, the computer speed will decrease, and the computer can hang, but remember that many good processors will cost a lot, so first, the RAM processor Decide on this matter.


Take care of RAM more than the processor. However, to increase the efficiency of the good quality processor, its main memory or RAM, the more processing it will be. Photoshop is popular software in graphic design, and memory is needed to run Photoshop. So if you take more RAM, then the cost will be less. Photoshop always works with many data and these data are stored on the computer RAM so there is more space for RAM space.

When you work with a lot of big files like your buyer will give you more pictures of one size ranging from 50 mega to 150 megabytes or more, then when you start editing the picture, add some more elements. If the amount of your megabytes is increased and your RAM is less then the program will be slow, it will not be good for you and buyer. So I will say that depending on the work, you try to get your RAM in 8-16 gigabytes.

Another important thing is that if you use Windows 64bit and do not install Photoshop and 64bit, then more RAM will not be useful to your computer. 8GB Ram 4000-4500 If you think you can use 16 GB, you can use two RAM of 8 Gb at the same time. There is a lot of speed in the core processor and 4GB of RAM.

Work is not going to work properly if one is less than one, two needs to be reconciled for work. And the graphics card (GPU) is very important if you want to work in 3D or any other pressure. Note that CORE i3 + 8GB RAM is definitely better than CORE i7 + 4 GB RAM. Always try to get more RAM by using the complete configuration.

Many company’s RAMs are available in the market. You can take 8GB RAM of the DDR3 / DDR4 version of Twinmos / Apacer / A Data company.

Hard disk

Can take 1TB Harddisk. No matter how much you take the hard disk, you can take 120/128 GB SSD hard disk for C drive, the computer will be faster / quicker than a few times.


Monitor 22 “would be better. Dell / HP / Asus brand monitor will be good. Most of the current graphics designers use Dell S2218H 21.5 Inch Full HD LED Borderless. It is available in 10,500 rupees.

Graphics card:

If you have a good budget, you can put a graphics card separately but the graphics card is quite expensive, so I would say that if you do not go to the 3D animation or video editing, then the graphics card with the Mother Board is enough. But if you want to put a different graphics card then you will not need OpenCL-enabled GPU, CUDA cores. Adobe CS6 brings Mercury engine that works with OpenGL and OpenCL. So do not need CUDA cores with Nvidia cards.

Computer Monitor:

You took more space RAM, took good quality processor, took a good quality graphic card, but if your monitor’s value is not good then there is no profit at all. So good color system monitor minimum 1920×1200 pixel dimension 21-24 inches size Set up color calibrator if you do print design because in many cases you can see that the colors in the monitor are not printed after the color is printed. You will find many brands e monitors in the market, better use of 21-24 inch monitor but the size is more important than the color of the color. You will get a nice HD monitor of Samsung or Dell with 10-12 thousand takas

Keyboard / Mouse:

A4 Tech keyboard and mouse will be good for longtime use. All in all, if you can get a perfect computer for graphic designs worth 30-35 thousand rupees. And if you want to upgrade, you can upgrade between 15-20 thousand rupees.

Before you buy a computer, you can buy a new computer or upgrade the computer. In my opinion, before you buy a computer, you will do graphic design for any work. If you are just starting a graphic design or start thinking you have a computer So if you have it, you can start it with a normal computer and it is possible. You will have to upgrade your computer when you start completely.

And in that case, you need a very high-quality computer. You decide what you do if you do the work of Photoshop, then you have to do more of photo editing, and in that case your computer’s quality will be much better and if you think of the design of the logo design, print design, then you have Adobe Illustrator Or Corel Draw has to do more than work for which very high-quality computers are not necessary.

Laptop or buy a desktop?

Many people say desktop design is good for graphics, there is no such thing that the Desktop Graphics Design laptop is not good. I actually get a lot of desktop configurations in low budget, so say the desktop is good. For example, a good quality desktop can be 40-50 thousand, but if I want to buy a SIMI configuration laptop, then it will cost around 100,000, so we do not buy this standard laptop and the desktop is there, so the desktop is good for graphics design.

In fact, both of them are very good-bad things. But in my opinion, if you want to work on graphic design, you can purchase laptops between 60 thousand 80 thousand or one lakh to buy the desktop under the budget of 50 thousand. You get the speed of 1 million laptop speed with this desktop. Many freelance graphics designers use MacBook Pro if your budget is good, then you can buy Apple’s MacBook Pro. It gives better performance than the general desktop. That means the main thing is the configuration.

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