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Hackers steal Bitcoin

Hackers steal Bitcoin, see details

Hackers steal Bitcoin worth $ 410 million. The theft occurred on Wednesday from one of the crypto carbon exchange organizations. So far this is the biggest case of theft. But it will not affect other users’ accounts.

Chief executive officer Joe Changping, in a post on their website, told that the hackers have already lifted 7,000 bits keys. In this work, hackers have helped with phishing, viruses and other means of hacking.
The US-based cyber security firm Siptha Thrace’s study found that last year the bits of the $ 950 million equivalent of the Bitcoin was stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges and portals, which is about 260 percent more than the previous year.

A post in Champagne, given on the website of the investment, has said that the company will keep all deposit deposits and withdrawal from the exchange until the next announcement. The organization will conduct a thorough review of the issue, which may take approximately a week.
Source: Reuters

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