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Google will bring a folded smartphone

folded smartphone competition is now undergoing in the world of smartphone or folding. Already foldable smartphones have unveiled Samsung, Huawei, and several other companies. Samsung has delayed the supply of Galaxy Fold due to the error in the screen. Why Google will be behind? An NDTV report says Google has begun to build a fallible smartphone.

The Google authorities said on Tuesday Google’s annual developers’ conference. Already the Android queue has announced that it will support the fallible phone in the operating system. However, the pixel brand will not be available in the market right now. Google’s authorities said they have been working with the fallible technology and folding screen prototype for a long time. But they are not in a hurry to bring this phone to the market.

“We are working on the prototype of the folding technology,” said Mario Quiroz, Google’s head of the Pixel smartphone division of Technology Site Senate. But the time has not come to announce such a product.

Quiroz said Google is not sure about the exact use of the phone. He feels that it will take years to get the popularity of the fallible phone.

Recently Google’s fallible prototype phone patent came forward. Since then, speculation has begun in the world of technology with the foldable smartphone.

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