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WordPress theme development

Differences in WordPress theme development and web development

Stop trying to get rid of the brothers before you know what is the key. WordPress Theme development VS Web development is there a difference or a difference? Let’s talk about?

Web development

is to create such a website, in which there will be intelligence to make decisions according to the situation. Simply put, when we use ID and password to register on a website, then the database keeps the ID and password in the database, after logging in to ID or password does not allow us to log in. Whenever a user logs in to a website, then only he can do the same amount of work permit. In this case, the user’s ID and password are stored on the website. For logging into it, to limit it to the number of permissions it has been given for it. Clear? Let’s go to the next part.

Many times, the need to develop a website is PHP Hypertext Preprocessor Programming Language. PHP is a server-side programming language that does not come in front of the user/client, then runs the server itself and decides to provide data to the user/client in HTML format. Do not know the difference.

WordPress theme development

Differences in WordPress theme development and web development: –

To make web development the PHP programmable language should be well-known, know well to know it really well. It will not be known at all. Because developing a website requires a lot of security manatees, data processing, and so on.

WordPress theme development is a part of web development. Through which PHP can be developed without knowing very well and without having to maintain such security. Because WordPress is a package of PHP, called CMS. Among these, PHP has many types of functions. WordPress theme developer’s work is to call those functions and create WordPress themes. Since WordPress itself has created difficult and important tasks, the work of WordPress theme developer is much less and easier. And so learning WordPress theme development is a lot easier to learn than to learn full PHP. About 95% of the websites are currently developed through WordPress themes in Local and Freelancing.

Now let me remind you a few words, though, without a lot of PHP, you can develop WordPress theme only by copying the code, but if you want to develop a premium advanced theme then you must know the following about PHP.

1. PHP data types: String, Integer, Boolean, Array, Object, NULL, Object and Resource within Resource must have a clear idea about the rest. But if you understand the rest, then these two will easily understand later.

variable scope:

local and global, if you understand these two, then you will understand static.

Loop: while, for and foreach these three will be well known.

Operators: Although less aware of other operators, assignment operators, Comparison Operators, Increment / Decrement Operator, PHP Logical Operator, PHP String Operators, all of these must be well-known.


if, if … else, if … else if … .llse these three well and keep the idea about the switch.

Loops: while, for, and foreach these three must know well. Keeping the idea of   doing … while going on

Function: The builtin function of PHP and the user-defined function should understand what things are best understood and the different PHP built-in functions should be kept in mind so that it can be remembered when needed later.

Argument/Parameter: Argument and parameter in relation to the function, these two things must be understood very well.

Return: function return thing is actually what works, it should be inserted into the head if it is not inserted in the first place.

Array: Array is a very important thing, so it is mandatory to have a good idea about this thing that does not eat. The same rule for a foreach loop.

If you do not know about this function as var_dump () / print_r () learn the above and do not use it correctly, then your PHP is called or the life span of WordPress is futile-hence the function two learns when, where and how to use it Take it.

Basic PHP does not mean that just include the above topics! When you learn PHP, you must follow a course outline that gives more importance to the above topics from the outline, so list the above. The best of all is well-chosen, but all the things are well for writing.

Many people have a question: how much is the basic PHP area?

Answer: I would say that if you have learned basic PHP, then read each of the points above and ask yourself whether it is well known. If it seems to have been in Butt Confusion, then learn about it and practice it again.

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