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Child care Begin to scratch your teeth properly

The crocodile teeth properly grow as often as they fall. Crocodile teeth are not so worried about this. And only two sets of people became teeth. Twenty-four teeth that start from six months to three years of age are called milk tooth.

This milk-tooth has become a new set of teeth after six years beginning in 12 years.

These teeth are permanent. This permanent tooth once gets a toothache but does not grow anymore. In that case, artificial teeth have to be used throughout life. Since then, when the child is six years old, it will be very cautious to protect the dental. The first step in keeping the teeth good is to brush your teeth properly or brush.

Since childhood, the child has to use teeth brushing. Children learn many things. Brushing your baby in front of the child, the child will learn quickly. Choose a brush with a soft bristle brush in the teeth. Children’s Brushes and Toothpaste are now available in the market. Fluoride toothpaste should be used to prevent dental corrosion. If the child is six years old, then he must be trained to brush his hands in the right way.

● Tooth brushing will be done by brushing the teeth at an approximate 45-degree angle.

● Brush up and down from top to bottom without brushing the front and back.

● In the mornings, you have to practice brushing before going to bed and before going to bed.

● Brushing time should be done for two to three minutes without hurry.

● Brush the brush for several months without using the same brush for a long time.

● It is better to brush your teeth after eating chocolate or sweet foods.

Which should not be.

● Lightly brush, the dental enamel is damaged if it is too loud.

● Due to the right rules, the rules of adherence to the teeth are permanent lasting when the teeth are tight. Let’s know about the additional care of the dentist.

● To maintain good teeth, you should eat regular fruits. Apple is called a natural toothbrush. Playing apple helps keep the teeth clean.

● Milk helps to strengthen the dental structure. Cheese, butter, and yogurt are good for dentists.

● Mild drinks are very harmful to teeth. Soft drinks can whiten the teeth and damage the enamel for a long time.

● FLASH can be used to clean the food in the tooth properly.

● If you are seven years of age, consult a diaper toothache from Orthodontics.

● Mouthwash can be used by the doctor’s advice to fix dental health.

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