Monday , November 18 2019
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$ 120 million is going from the United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Several financial sectors in the United Kingdom have been planning to withdraw and move for business for a long time. Business organizations are relocating their capital to other countries in Europe. Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, is the most beneficial to transfer assets to the bank sector. William Wright, chief of …

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World Ijtema 2019 Preparation is in full swing

World Ijtema 2019

World Ijtema 2019 system is in full swing on the banks of the coastal region of Tongi on the outskirts of Tongi. Ijtema will run for two consecutive rounds from February 15 to Friday. For two consecutive days a year, the first two days will be the world Ijtema. The …

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Trump is thinking of sending troops to Venezuela


US President Donald Trump said that the issue of military intervention in Venezuela is considered an alternative step ahead of the United States. Trump said in an interview broadcast on Sunday on CBS. This information was given in the Reuters report on Monday. Venezuelan President Maduro is increasingly increasing the …

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The Awami League is uncomfortable with the opposition

The Awami League

There was concern about the election of the Kadash Jatiya Sangsad. With the end of all the concerns, the Awami League has formed a government for the third time in a row. Even after one month after the elections, there are several types of discussion and criticism. But there are some …

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Benzema in Real Legends Qatar


In the Copa del Rey match last night, Zimbabwe scored twice against Real Madrid in the list of top goalscorers French striker Karim Benzema, Those who support Real Madrid, or people who follow soccer well, can savvy vital poet Ilich Sanchez, Pako Janto or Emilio Boutraguenos ar within the history of Real Madrid. Discussions about the game of Benzema The club’s striker Karim Benzema …

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