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Learn how to protect your Android phone from being extra hot

protect your Android phone

protect your Android phone, Those who love to play games on Android phones know how a phone gets hot for high graphics and high-speed data connections. Generally, due to excessive temperature, normal phone parts of Android phones are completely destroyed. The unusual temperature of the phone in your hand cloud …

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Android phone problems and solutions

Android phone

What is Android? Android is the operating system for smartphones, where middleware and some built-in applications are also available. 1. My Android phone is not working. You have to restart your Android phone. This may fix your frozen phone. 2. My smart phone’s Wi-Fi is not connected. This method will …

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Android phone storage saving and Free up storage

Free up storage

Free up storage, The internal storage of the phone is usually but necessary. However, following some ways, you’ll be able to simply save loads of robot phones. What an Android phone is a fun phone but it is a lot of hard work to do in daily life, because we do not know the rules. Let’s know about those ways.  1. Cache and Data Clear. …

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