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Benzema in Real Legends Qatar

In the Copa del Rey match last night, Zimbabwe scored twice against Real Madrid in the list of top goalscorers French striker Karim Benzema,

Those who support Real Madrid, or people who follow soccer well, can savvy vital poet Ilich Sanchez, Pako Janto or Emilio Boutraguenos ar within the history of Real Madrid.

Discussions about the game of Benzema

The club’s striker Karim Benzema is behind the legend’s last night, on the list of goals for Real Madrid. Real Madrid has more goals than just five players, more than Benzema being the ‘mockery’ for failing to score almost regularly. 

Who can not score Benzema!

In the second leg of the Copa del Rey Quarterfinals, Girona got 3-1 in the semi-finals of the Santiago Solarii disciples. Benzema has scored two goals in the team. On 27th and 43rd minute, he scored two goals in Real Madrid’s top scorer on top of Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez. Since 1985, during the seven years in Realy, in 282 matches, Sanchez scored 208. Benzema, who came to Real from 2009 to the French club Olympic Leo, has scored 449 in 209 matches.

And 33 goals scored by Benzema, Hungary’s legendary striker Franke Puskas, whose score is 242 for Real. Legends like Francesco ‘Paco’ Janto and Emilio Boutraguerano scored goals in 182 and 171 respectively. Only five legends – Puscas (242), Santillana (290), Alfred de Stefano (308), Raúl González (323) and Cristiano Ronaldo (450) – are currently on top of Benzema’s list of the highest goalscorers.

Since Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has been in Juventus since he has been able to find himself new again, Benzema, once again, can play as a full striker. During the last two seasons, Ronaldo played Ronaldo as a striker in front of himself and played himself as a winger, on the other side. After returning to the old place, the old Benzema is seen. This season, Real Madrid has scored the most goals for the – 17.

Apart from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Real Betis have been in the Copa del Rey campus.

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