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computer problems

Before you go to the service center of Computer problems, try to download 4 simple fixes manually

Computer problems is the head, and there is no headache? (I know, this is not a good example, but …) Similarly, if there is a computer, then there will be computer problems, even your brand new computer may cause problems, and that’s absolutely not the case of aliens. Many of you may have been using computers for a long time, they have discovered a variety of fixes on their own, but many are using a whole new computer. And to new computer users, the computer problem is the same as the dream of a night’s dream, the computer service center became the only way. But it sounds strange, but many types of computer problems can be fixed just by restarting the computer. – In this article, we discuss four common fixes, which can help you fix your own computer before taking it to the service center.

Before starting the article, this article will help you if you are interested in fixing your computer manually. But if you have a machine that is more expensive than your kidneys, if you are completely against fixing your computer, you do not need to take any pressure, just skip this article and you can take a closer look at those articles.

Restart the computer

I had previously published a dedicated article on this topic, “Why is it possible to solve many problems by simply rebooting the computer?” – For many, it seems ridiculous but many computer problems can be fixed only by rebooting. It has happened with me too many times, such an error message or something incompatible has happened with the computer, which was not able to fix many articles, then after restarting the computer, the problem is fixed. Again many of them have heard that the computer was having problems, then after going to the service center, the computer failed to see the problem. That means just a restart was necessary!

computer problems

Now, to restart the computer, do not cut the computer off the line from the direct wall socket! – Then your computer may have problems with different hardware. I will recondition, restart the report at least once before taking it to the service center.

Many times, when the computer hangs out, then pressing the power button to restart the computer force restart in a few seconds. Yes, the PC is turned off and restarted the same thing!

Browser Cleansing

A few years ago, there were fewer Internet users on the computer, but today the number is not in the smallest room. And if you are like me, that means that the computer can enter the browser on a regular basis and then spend it all day long, then the Internet problem can take a lot of shape for you. There may be several types of Internet-related problems on the Internet. If the Internet is not connected, then there is no fault of the browser, but if a particular website is not open, cannot be logged in to any site, or can not be accessed on any desired page, then it is necessary to see the browser parent a little scurry.

computer problems

In fact, the above-mentioned Internet problems are not meant for browsers, but attempts to fix problems by clearing browser cache are always working, there may be some benefits. If a website server is down, then your system will not work even if you reinstall Windows 99 times. But on the other, the server of a website has changed, and if your browser is trying to fetch data from the previous server IP from the cache, then the website will not be opened. If your browser clears the DNS cache with cache, then you will find new IP addresses from the browser domain and fetch data from the new server, the site will become accessible to you again.

However, remember that browser cache, delete cookies, your internet history, login session, etc. will be removed. And since many websites prove themselves as fast keeping data cache in your browser, so after the removal of browser cache, many websites can work a bit slower.

Malware Scan

I am absolutely clear about the fact that if a lot of ordinary users have a problem with computers, they think that computers have been infected with malware or viruses. Suppose, the computer is slow, many people say, “Nah! The computer surely has a malware attack! “- But it is not to be left out, it is a malware attack, but your computer becomes slow, but the case is not always the same. However, if there is a strange problem with the computer, it is best to first scan an anti-malware scanner.

computer problems

Although computer slips, sometimes the computer gets sluggish, the opposite of the error message show may be a problem, but sometimes it may be due to malware caused. So, looking at any problem in the reverse, intelligent computer scan by the updated anti-malware program works well.

If you use antivirus or an antimalware program, you can learn more about this article, how good a free antivirus program is available.

Software Re-install

Many problems can happen only because of specific software, but this does not mean that the computer is full of problems when the software is running, the computer becomes slow or freezing. Again, there may be repeated error messages from certain programs. I have read many times in such a problem. After installing any software, RAM related or computer hardware error messages are coming, but when the software is re-installed or updated, all problems are automatically fixed.

computer problems

Re-installing the program means to uninstall the program first, then install it again. Many times your setup file may be hidden in the problem, then copy the program from the DVD or download the latest version of the program from the Internet, then reinstall it. Suddenly, Adobe Photoshop was not going to open on my computer, the double click was not enough. I reinstalled Simple software and came back to the position to work as usual.

Yes, applying the above fixes will not help you to solve problems, but these are some basic steps that need to be followed. Sometimes they try to fix your computer at the service center first, and if they are fixed, even though the processes are free but since you have taken the service center, you have to pay. Now you definitely have a different problem in your computer, in which case you have to spend money, but by doing this, you will feel the peace of mind, because you have tried your best.

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