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Web design or web development? Which one is better

Web design

Which one is good? Web design or web development? Which one can learn to earn more money? Which one can learn to become a big man soon? The brother stopped now. Why do so many questions? The answer is one word? Everything will depend on you. I did not ask …

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Learn how to protect your Android phone from being extra hot

protect your Android phone

protect your Android phone, Those who love to play games on Android phones know how a phone gets hot for high graphics and high-speed data connections. Generally, due to excessive temperature, normal phone parts of Android phones are completely destroyed. The unusual temperature of the phone in your hand may …

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Android phone problems and solutions

Android phone

What is Android? Android is the operating system for smartphones, where middleware and some built-in applications are also available. 1. My Android phone is not working. You have to restart your Android phone. This may fix your frozen phone. 2. My smart phone’s Wi-Fi is not connected. This method will …

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Learn Web Design, Build Careers, Part 2

Learn web design

Learn Web Design, Build Careers I understood what I knew in the last episode. A lot of you got a lot. So today again I am going to write the second episode. One thing that frustrated me is that “Everyone wants to get ready before learning!” Brother, you do not …

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How to Write a SEO friendly Article

SEO friendly Article

The importance of writing good quality SEO friendly article. Your target is to bring your blog to the first page of Google. If you have a good SEO proficiency article on your blog, you do not have to run behind Google, Google will run behind you. Google will automatically give …

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360-degree camera diamond smartphone installed

360 degree camera

Smartphones have a good front or rear camera, as they usually take more than a megapixel. Again, 360-degree photographs attracted the attention of the current generation. So now there is a smartphone in the market, whose camera separates from everyone else. Because in addition to megapixels it has a special …

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Learn web design, build careers 2019

Learn web design

Remember, you want to learn web design and to freelance and earn. The good thing about him So what to do or what to learn, they need to know for web design, is not it? Do not know then What is my profit with web design? Make a website for …

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The questions and answers of SEO or search engine optimization

search engine optimization

Today’s discussion begins with a greeting and greeting everyone. The topic of the discussion is “SEO”, ie search engine optimization. Listen to something before I get into the main discussion. Read the whole tune before it and then the question will be to release the tumor right? If you do …

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Google will bring a folded smartphone

folded smartphone

folded smartphone competition is now undergoing in the world of smartphone or folding. Already foldable smartphones have unveiled Samsung, Huawei, and several other companies. Samsung has delayed the supply of Galaxy Fold due to the error in the screen. Why Google will be behind? An NDTV report says Google has …

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Hackers steal Bitcoin, see details

Hackers steal Bitcoin

Hackers steal Bitcoin worth $ 410 million. The theft occurred on Wednesday from one of the crypto carbon exchange organizations. So far this is the biggest case of theft. But it will not affect other users’ accounts. Chief executive officer Joe Changping, in a post on their website, told that …

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$ 120 million is going from the United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Several financial sectors in the United Kingdom have been planning to withdraw and move for business for a long time. Business organizations are relocating their capital to other countries in Europe. Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, is the most beneficial to transfer assets to the bank sector. William Wright, chief of …

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World Ijtema 2019 Preparation is in full swing

World Ijtema 2019

World Ijtema 2019 system is in full swing on the banks of the coastal region of Tongi on the outskirts of Tongi. Ijtema will run for two consecutive rounds from February 15 to Friday. For two consecutive days a year, the first two days will be the world Ijtema. The …

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What SEO Optimize Your Website Or Blog? If not, take it!


SEO which is full of Search Engine Optimization Those who are involved in web development, many of them have some idea about it. It is almost impossible to take any website or blog without SEO to a better location without SEO. Because nowadays we have become more dependent on search …

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How Do I Get My post On The First Page Of Google?

First Page Of Google

The blogger or the webmaster will not get enough organic traffic in the blog until the blog post will not show on the First Page of Google search results. In online marketing, without any organic traffic, it is not possible to reach the edge of success. Only optimizing the Google …

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The hajj pilgrims have reduced the rate of 10 thousand rupees

10 thousand rupees

Hajjar reduced airfare by 10 thousand rupees since 2019. Until 2018, the government-owned haj pilgrimage rate was Tk 1,38,191. This year it has been reduced to one lakh 28 thousand 191 rupees. Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Mahbub Ali announced the reduction of the hijackers’ strike on 17-01-2019 at the …

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Huawei is bringing the folded 5G network supported smartphones

5G network

Chinese technology companies will announce the next generation of smartphones, as well as the display of 5G network, supported smartphones. Huawei’s new smartphone will not have any equipment made by Western companies. Huawei is going towards new innovations in terms of the trade war between the United States and China. …

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