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Atheists taught that two children in their mother’s womb

Atheists should be educated enough to teach.

Once two twins were talking in the mother’s womb.

Goodbye to each other, “Do you give birth?

Believe in the next life? ”

The other replied, “Of course, of course

It has been said after delivery and that is what it is

Today, today for the purpose of preparation

We are here.”

The first person said, “Eating breakup, delivery-

There is nothing to say about the next life. You’re that

What is the pre-natal imagined life possible? ”

The second one replied, “I do not know. However

There will be a lot of light from here.

Maybe we will ride on our own feet,

I will eat with my mouth. Maybe there’s us

Senses, feelings are different from here

What we can not understand now. ”

The first one, “It is nothing but imagination.

Move your legs? Impossible. And the food by mouth

Accepting? Unreal imagination and who else to say, Ours,

The body comes with the necessary nutrients

Through the pulse. But this short-length of the pulse is ours

Any for postnatal life

Logic cannot be enough.

So post-delivery is impossible in one word. ”

Second, “I think life is ending here

Not at all. Maybe post-delivery life is different.

Maybe we need this pulse here

Shall not be.

If that were so, why would anyone ever

Did not come back from there? Born in life

Last and after that only darkness, silence and more

Void. ”

The second one, “I can not say right. But then

We will stay with our mother and her

Take care of us. ”

First John, “Mother? You really believe in the mother

do? If the mother really is there, then she is now

Where? ”

The second one, “He exists around us. She

We are surrounded. We lived through it

I am Without him, this world is impossible. Without him

We are impossible. ”

The first one,

Why do not you feel him? The only logical of it

Because there is no mother. ”

The second one answered, “Sometimes if you

Remarkably, be silent,

You will feel her existence, you hear her

Will get …

That his mother’s voice is on us

Calling. ”

Writes: Abdur Rashid Soha

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