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At the end of the winter the disease

Some things about winter, Now the last night and the temperature decreases in the morning and the temperature is slightly higher from noon to evening. This velocity of 24 hours causes some viruses to attack the body. Viruses and bacteria are becoming more active in such weather conditions. Due to that, the incidence of fever, sore throat and cold snorting is increasing. There is no reason to panic. Due to the virus due to fever, it usually becomes better within seven days. However, it does not seem to be cold, it must be very careful about it.


These patients are mainly fever, some come to the doctor with symptoms of a headache, scalp, arthritis, grief, cough syndrome. However, more than the number of children in the affected. At the same time, some children are being attacked in cows. The ear may stop due to the cold during this period. There is the pain in the ears with ears closed. In these cases, we should take quick medical treatment. Often children are prone to scorching. Some children may have a fever of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in adults, fever may not be as severe as it may be.


Suddenly it will not be so cold, it must be very careful. If you have a fever do not stop at Gosal to practice at the same time every day. Remove the hair and body well, so that it does not feel fresh again.

What to do if a fever?

In this situation, the first step to reduce the fever is to treat the doctor as a fever reduction medication as well as toothpaste filled with water in normal temperature should be removed, ie sponge. Continue to keep this sparkling until the fever drops to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature of high temperature does not decrease in an hour or two, then consult a doctor.

What to do with cold, cough and throat?

A cough or a cough is not such a big thing. But once it is cold, it will take at least one week to repair it. And the cough may have a few more days, there is nothing to worry about. You can do general cough treatment. This type of cough is automatically healed after a certain time. However, if there is a fever with a cough, then it is important to give importance. To avoid cold food, refrigerated water. It is better if you can drink hot water. Avoid dust.

Do not smoke

One of the main reasons for coughing cough is smoking. So smoking will be lost.

A baby cough means pneumonia

Colds and respiratory problems in children are mostly pneumonia during this period. The name of the virus is called bronchiolitis. Many people think this is a mistake in pneumonia. Bronchiolitis is more than two years old. Treating children with bronchiolitis can be treated at home. But keep away from children with healthy children.

Childcare Begin to scratch your teeth properly

Keep children away from cigarettes, mosquito coils, and kitchen fumes. This virus does not usually require antibiotics. However, if the respirator is too much, the seizure, if the lips become blue or black, will be taken to the hospital soon.

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Govinda Chandra Roy

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, Dhaka

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