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Android phone

Android phone problems and solutions

What is Android?

Android is the operating system for smartphones, where middleware and some built-in applications are also available.

1. My Android phone is not working.

You have to restart your Android phone. This may fix your frozen phone.

2. My smart phone’s Wi-Fi is not connected.

This method will solve your problem.

You can conjointly wi-fi> Settings> Menu> Advance and keep connected on your golem phone.

If you’re in very, then your Wi-Fi connection will be connected with Android.

3. Not enough work will be wiped out of memory.

This is a serious problem with Android.

Cache files and spare apps cut back the number of memory on your phone.

You can clean the phone victimization associate degree golem app referred to as “Case Cleaner” or “Clean Master”.

This will increase your phone’s memory space a bit. You can also increase the memory space by transferring the installed memory card into the external memory card installed on your phone.

4. My SD card is not getting.

There is a problem with the SD card. You can re-format the SD card through a desktop computer or laptop. Then reformat the memory card from your phone.

5. There’s a drag to visualize the phone’s screen in daylight.

You can increase the brightness of the phone’s screen.

Or, victimization the Anti-Glare Screen shielder, you can easily view the screen in sunlight.

6. How do I remove phone apps?

You can access Settings> Applications> Manage Applications and uninstall the application that you want to uninstall.

7. The phone screen has broken !! Will I buy a new phone?

The broken screen can be fixed by changing.

Find your phone screen at totally different mobile sexual union stores or online search.

Otherwise, buy a new phone.

8. Password protect.

Enter your pattern by selecting Settings> Security> Set up screen lock and pattern. Pattern lock faster and secure from other passwords

9. My Location Map does not look right.

Select Settings> Location at Use GPS Satellites. This will give you the right navigating.

10. How to delete all the information on my Android phone.

You access Settings> Mount Rushmore State & Phone Store> industrial plant information Restore.

Of course, before you save the data you need. Because everything is deleted by the format of the phone.

11. My phone is on the water.

Remove the phone’s battery very quickly and open all the parts of the phone.

Keep the phone in a very dry place for regarding seventy-two hours.

Then turn on your phone. It may fix your phone.

12. am I able to create my golem smartphone write up?

Enter the message setting and go to set test size and enter the size of the write-up.

13. Can I Update Android Apps Automatically?

You can access Google Play> Menu> My Apps and choose associate degree app and switch on automobile Updates.

14. I would like to keep my search list secret.

You can access with your Android browser and log in.

Here you’ll take away the history you’ve got antecedently searched and might be saved within the future while not saving the search.

15. How do I take a screenshot?

On some smartphones, the screen captures the rear keys and residential buttons along. This method is not for all smartphones.

16. Some apps are not installed on the SD card.

You can transfer your apps to the SD card used. After you install the app, you need to go to Settings> Manage Applications and transfer the phone from memory to SD card.

17. How do I change my phone language?

You can go to Settings> Language & Keyboard and select your language.

18. Can I remove pre-installed apps from my phone?

Yes, you can remove pre-installed apps from your phone.

For downloading associate degree application referred to as development device and root uninstaller for this. With this, you’ll uninstall many phone apps and increase memory area.

19. am I able to speed up the speed of the golem phone?

There are many types of apps available for this – set CPUs. Which increases the processor’s overlinking speed. It slows down the processor to save memory.

It should be used very carefully. Otherwise, your phone’s processor may be damaged along with the maximal speed of the processor.

20. What is the correct way to back up my phone?

There are several methods for Android phone backup. Titanium Backup PRO is all about

A better method than With this you’ll backup everything on golem phones.

This backup file can be saved in your e-mail or Dropbox.

21. however, do I forestall virus attacks on my phone?

You can download and use any anti-virus For example, Kaspersky Mobile Security or AVG will provide the right protection from virus attacks on your phone.

22. My phone’s sound is very low.

If your phone’s sound is very low, you can download the AudioBoost name from the Android Market. This will increase your phone’s sound by 30%.

23. Battery Charge is Lost due to living wallpaper.

Its easy solution is to use static wallpaper.

24. The phone’s clock is not well.

The time is not right because the phone is not automatic.

If the network clock is slow, then the phone is slow.

Select Settings> Date & Time> Automatic. It will be time with the network.

25. Am I able to block unnecessary calls?

If your phone’s network does not provide this facility, you can download Extrem Call Blocker Droid and use it. It can block incoming calls but it does not have confidence. You can also use other call block applications.

26. block my phone generally What tools or facilitate area unit there for?

To fast-track, your phone, take away all non-essential apps and knowledge.

You can also do this by using System Tyner Pro. This will increase the utmost performance of your phone by removing numerous tasks and unwanted files on your phone.

27. My phone is stolen. Can I track it?

You can track your phone by putting in a 3rd party app. PhoneLocator Pro is able to track phones through GPS.

28. Why iTunes can’t be used on golem devices?

I-Tunes is designed for Apple’s device only. There is a physical association to your golem device, so iTunes is not needed.

29. however do I shut the app in phone freezing?

To do this, go to Settings> Application> Manage applications and select the app you want to close, tap Force Stop. If the app is a misbehave then uninstall and install again.

30. Can I close the running apps too fast?

You can shut the running apps victimization the default task manager golem. You can also do all the management of apps.

31. don’t understand why I would like to use the autocrat?


AutoCork does not know all the wards. But you can add wards very easily to the dictionary. When you type, you can see the + sign, tap it. It will be added to the typed word dictionary.

32. Change the keyboard.

You can press 123 and hold it, you’ll be able to see the list of put in keyboards on your phone. Select one from there and watch for a short time.

33. Why does the screen turn off when charging the phone?

You can visit Settings> Application> Development and choose not to sleep. This will turn the screen on for charging.

34. Can I reinstall the purchased app?

You can set up the purchased app from Google Play. You can access My Market Account. From there select the purchased app and install it. Google Play will not claim any charges for reinstalling.

35. How can I know if my Android phone is the latest version?

You can click Settings> concerning Phone> System package updates> Check currently. If there’s a replacement update or associate update put in on your phone, it will give you a notice.

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