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360 degree camera

360-degree camera diamond smartphone installed

Smartphones have an honest front or rear camera, as they typically over a megapixel. Again, 360-degree photographs attracted the attention of the current generation. So now there is a smartphone in the market, whose camera separates from everyone else. Because in addition to megapixels it has a special feature. Darling’s name diamond whole fresh Smartphone has associate degree in-built 360-degree camera.

Pro really Darling is that the world’s initial smartphone to own associate degree in-built 360-degree camera.

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Find out more about what interesting features are available on smartphones-

1) The handset has 13 MP front and rear camera. So that photos and videos can be shared directly on YouTube and Facebook.

2) More interesting is that on the two sides of the camera there are four diamonds placed on the golden straps. Not American diamond, true diamonds.

3) 5.5-inch display Android smartphone is full HD. That is, there is no doubt that the quality of the model and the quality of the video will be great. In addition, the 4GB Bam phone has 64 GB internal memory.

4) The 3560mAh battery is equipped with fingerprint sensor features.

How much will it cost?

Bangladeshi currencies cost one hundred and thirty thousand at the price of darling.

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