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United Kingdom

$ 120 million is going from the United Kingdom

Several financial sectors in the United Kingdom have been planning to withdraw and move for business for a long time. Business organizations are relocating their capital to other countries in Europe. Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, is the most beneficial to transfer assets to the bank sector.

William Wright, chief of London’s financial research firm New Financial, said at a local time last Monday. London-based Think Tank and Research Institute New Financial 2014 has published research and research related articles on various topics related to the world’s economy, investment, and capital.

William Wright, chief of New Financial, also said that due to the breakthrough, Europe’s financial and banking sector will reduce the impact of Britain. Income from the industry will reduce revenue. According to the New Financial Think Tank, due to the breakthrough, more than 275 financial institutions will go to EU countries with a capital of $ 120 million from the UK financial markets.

The main 10 banks and investment banks in London will send 80 billion euros (800 billion) pounds to EU countries. It is 10 percent of the country’s total wealth.

The study also said 250 organizations have established their headquarters elsewhere in Europe. 210 organizations have started working on legal process elsewhere. Apply for a new banking license. Due to these transfer process, 5,000 employees of the companies will have to go to their new headquarters.
In the countries of the European Union, 100 companies have decided to go to Amsterdam in Ireland’s capital Dublin, 60 in Luxembourg, 41 in Paris, 40 in Frankfurt and some others in Amsterdam.

Voting is going on Tuesday in the British parliament on Tuesday. According to the rules, 17 days after the break will come into force on March 29. However, the EU and the United Kingdom could not reach any solution on the deal.


Prior to the voting in the British parliament, the prime minister reached Straussburg on Monday evening on Monday evening to find a new solution to the Theresa May Breaches Agreement. There he will meet European Commission President J. Claude Junker.

On Monday night, both parties reached an agreement with the so-called backstop system on the ground border with EU member Ireland. According to the latest compromise, the backstop system will continue until 2020.

Many congressmen in the UK told to increase the deadline for the deadlock. Although the UK finally agreed to it, all member states of the EU would have to agree. Apart from this, the UK’s main opposition Labor Party is demanding to vote again on the question of leaving the EU.

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